Rural Community Program

Well known for Summer in the Park, the Rural Community Program supports and assists rural municipalities and individuals towards building a stronger community through:


The Rural Community Program can partner with interested Villages and County communities, organizations, clubs, and groups to provide relevant information to assist them to overcome community challenges.


Encourage and foster community volunteerism to enhance community life.

Community Development

On the advice of municipalities, community members or organizations, the Rural Community Program can assist and support locally generated solutions to address challenges.

Partnership Development

Work with local agencies and organizations to deliver programs that meet the needs of rural communities.

Advocacy / Referrals

Assist rural residents to access resources that are available and advocate on behalf of individuals when appropriate.

Working Together

Led by Advisory Committee Members, the program is responsive to the needs of all communities. The Rural Community Program works in partnership with many agencies, organizations and non-profit groups in order to deliver the best possible programs and services.

The Challenges

  • Rural communities are losing their youth and skilled professionals, both sources of potential leadership. Youth are having difficulties being positively engaged in their communities.
  • Many areas are losing important services, like schools, health care, recreational and cultural programs which support economic and community development.
  • Rural communities regard public buildings as community assets and want them used effectively. They are concerned about the affordability of essential services like water treatment and community facilities. Many feel roads and other transportation services are not adequate.
  • Regional collaboration can help meet many challenges facing rural communities.
  • Partnerships are critical to successful rural development among communities, industry and government.
  • Preservation of rural heritage and quality of life is essential to enhance the attractiveness of good places to live and invest.
  • Rural communities bear the cost of good stewardship while others enjoy the benefits.
  • Government funding formulas, policies and regulations do not recognize unique rural circumstances and it is difficult to obtain resources and support.

The Rural Community Program is seeking new Advisory Committee Members and would like some from your community. If you are interested in the health and quality of life in your community, we need your assistance.

Please contact us to discuss how we can partner together to make your community stronger.

Contact Info

4821 – 51 St.
Camrose AB  T4V 1R9
Phone: 672-0141