CDSS thanks all the offers of help that we are starting to receive. We know that other agencies are getting the same offers. Volunteers are wonderful!! Thank-you.

Please remember that agencies must screen and assess volunteers. Its the law. Many agencies already have the volunteers they need, at least for now. Staff, client, public and volunteer safety is a top priority for every agency right now.

When we know of specific needs, we will post them and put them on our website.

  • Remember, there are many ways you can help now.
  • Stay safe and stay home as much as you can.
  • Keep your distance when you must be out.
  • Safely smile and say hi when you are out.
  • Touch base with your family, friends and others – phone, text, social media message, etc. etc.
  • Think of non-covid-19 topics to chat about.
  • Shovel snow on your street that still needs shoveling.
  • Decorate your windows with colourful, cheerful art/lights?

The list of ways we can still help our communities is long and varied. Google may have some ideas; just keep safety and distancing top of mind. Thank you for caring; that means a lot.

Alberta Cares Connector

Volunteer Alberta is working with the Government of Alberta and other non-profit sector partners to coordinator the response around volunteerism and supports during COVID-19.  Visit Alberta Cares Connector, to post a volunteer opportunity on the Volunteer Connector website.  This platform will connect organizations and groups that need assistance, with individual Albertans that can help in their community.  If you are an organization and need assistance developing or posting volunteer positions, consider recruiting a volunteer to help or contact VolunteerConnector by email at info@volunteerconnector.org or by phone at 1-833-583-3083.