Registration OSC – After School

June 2023 Calendar 

For the final month of the school year, please use JUNE 2023 Monthly Calendar.

Fee Structure:  

  • 2023-2024 Fee Structure
  • Registration fees are due by August 20th.
  • All registrations after August 4 will need to be paid with submission of forms’


There are two kinds of calendars to choose from.

  1. 2023-2024 Consistent Days of Care for full time or consistent days that do not change each week. This calendar is set for the school year.
  2. 2023-2024 Monthly Calendar for a flexible schedule that needs to be emailed every month before the 20th or the date indicated on the calendar.

Questions: Email

Registration Package:

Please complete the full registration package and submit all together. All forms are fillable with PDF.  You need Adobe Reader downloaded on your computer or android to complete the fillable forms.  Visit to download a copy.

  • Once you have your forms filled in and signed, you can email them directly to the OSCAR Director at for processing.
  • REGISTRATION FORMS (enough for 2 children)
  • Medication Record
    • If your child has an Inhaler or Epi-Pen and it is indicated on the registration form, you must complete the medication form in order for your child to have the medication at the program. Self or staff administered- we need the form completed.
    • The medication MUST be with the child each day they attend or left at OSCAR in our medication box. Location of medication is required.
    • NOTE: you need a medication form for each medication your child will need at OSCAR
  • Parent Handbook – Please review the Parent Handbook and follow up with Policy specific information in the Parent Policy Manual
  • Additional PAD Form
  • This form is included in your registration package, however if you need to revise or start a new PAD (Pre-Authorized Debit) this is for you.
  • By setting up PAD, your monthly invoice and registration fee will come out of your account on the 20thof the month or next banking day.
  • Please note: even if you have completed this in the past, we need this information every year as stated in the PAD contract.
  • Please remember to sign the form and add your void cheque picture.

Alberta Child Care Subsidy:

  • Link to Subsidy – Applications are done online with My Alberta ID
  • Phone Number 1-877-644-9992
  • Email